** Contact your regional BBB directly if you have a question or an issue with a company.  We provide some of their information as FYI only to help our users**

Accreditation with the Better Business Bureau (BBB) is optional.  It means that a company has voluntarily agreed to abide certain ethical standards (click button below for more info) and has also successfully completed a more extensive vetting process than non-accredited businesses.

If a business is non-accredited, it simply may be because the vendor did not know about the accreditation process, or the vendor opted not to go through the accreditation process for any number of innocent reasons.  However, there may also be negative reasons a business is non-accredited, such as the vendor did not receive a satisfactory result during the vetting process, or the company was at one time accredited and later lost it.

We recommend reading the BBB reviews of any non-accredited business before deciding to work with them.  If you are concerned about any vendor, check their BBB profile by searching here to get more information and history on that vendor.  Accredited businesses must maintain a high rating in order to keep their accredited status; high-rated businesses are not always Accredited per the explanation above.

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