Why are some vendors showing up in the list who are very far away?

The BBB directory is zip code-based - thus, the search button uses the zip code you set in your profile to present results from your local BBB region.  Depending on distance settings and filters applied, the best “fit” for a particular vendor search may be a company farther away than expected.  

For example, if you only want Accredited “POS system suppliers” in your search result, it may be that there are POS system companies in your immediate area, but if they are not Accredited, they would not show up in the results; the search then looks farther out until an Accredited business is found. If you want to find a vendor closer to you, you may need to de-select “Accredited” as a filter.

Why are some of my vendor searches showing up blank/no results?

There are three possible reasons for a blank/no results page when you click the Explore Vendors button:

  1. There are no businesses around your zip code that match the search criteria by distance, by Accreditation, or by category.  Once on the BBB page, you may expand the search radius beyond the initial value, as well as change some other parameters to try to see more results.  Or...
  2. Vendors in your area have not assigned themselves to the BBB category assigned on the task you are currently working on.  You would be surprised at how some companies categorize themselves - this is a part of maintaining their own profile at BBB, so we are not involved.  Or...
  3. We possibly made a mistake in the assignment of a BBB category to that task. There is not perfect alignment of our tasks and BBB category for them, so we had to make judgment calls in a few cases.  If you think there may be an error of this type in this blox, let us know by clicking the Feedback button.

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